Hello and welcome to Beauteous Makeup Artistry!

My name is Maria Georgiadou, a 27 year old woman, born and raised in a beautiful island called Cyprus, passioned about makeup!  

Taking a glance at the past i can say that, since i was a kid i was always into the makeup world! I remember myself taking my mum's makeup and play around. As years were passing by, my love for makeup was growing. All the colours and the whole idea of creating something beautiful, are the major reasons why i was so fascinated about the makeup world.


For me, makeup is a form of art that has no limits, can take you places and reveal your best features.  Makeup is not a miracle wand, but can do miracles when using the right products with the right way. The secret though for amazing results is that the real beauty must come within. 

One day i came up with the idea of turning this passion into a lifetime experience. The more i was thinking about it, the more Ι was convinced that it was the right choice. And so... the dream began. My decision to take things seriously and do small and steady steps, led me to become a makeup artist and create my firm, Beauteous Makeup Artistry. This firm is a way to express the love i have for makeup. Makeup is not just a job for me! It is a way of life! 


So just dive in to my world, and feel what i want you to feel! The love and passion i have for this art, called Makeup!! 

"Make up is a form of art that has no limits, can take you places and reveal your best features!"